Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sussex and Lisbon Continue to Work Toward New Joint Library Agreement

Library agreement pending. Sussex, Lisbon may discuss new funding formula. (Sussex Sun, 7/12/2011)

Excerpt:   Lippert said a new agreement may create a funding formula in which the two communities would contribute to library operations based on their respective property values, population, and library usage.

The proposed formula is similar to one used by several other jointly owned community libraries in the state including Mequon and Thiensville, Lippert added.

The formula, if adopted, would appear to strike a compromise between the two communities and the Library Board

Klager asked the communities last year to begin negotiations on a new agreement since the existing agreement's terms and conditions change in 2014, after bonds for the library building are paid off. After 2014, the agreement will continue from year to year with either community having the ability to terminate the agreement.

Klager said unless that clause is changed, future planning for the library is "problematic" because there would be no assurances the library can survive from one year to the next

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