Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ProPublica Analyzes the Educational Opportunity Gap

Some States Still Leave Low-Income Students Behind; Others Make Surprising Gains. (ProPublica, 6/30/2011).

Excerpt: Our analysis offers the first nationwide picture of exactly which advanced courses are being taken at which schools and districts across the country. Previous studies and surveys have tracked some of these courses, but never with so many variables and covering so many schools. (More than three-quarters of all public-school children are represented in our analysis. Check out our methodology.)

We have also created an interactive feature so you can search for your school and see how it compares, for example, with poorer and wealthier schools nearby. It also shows the percentage of inexperienced teachers in schools. Here’s Beverly Hills High compared to a much poorer school in Southern California. And here’s a stark example from New Jersey

Find a school.

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