Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mississippi Library a Regular Destination for Computer Users

Library see expanded computer use. (Itawamba County Times, 7/22/2011)

ExcerptFulton resident Felix Moore said he visits the library multiple times each week.

“I come in quite often,” Moore said, clicking on a photo on his Facebook page. “Sometimes three, four times a week.”

Moore is representative of a growing trend in libraries across the country – computers overtaking books; the web page conquering its paper counterpart. As that need expands, so too does the library’s relationship with its visitors.

“The library’s role, in my opinion, is to embrace new technology and to find a way to implement it to best serve its patrons,” said Jeffrey Martin, branch librarian for the Itawamba County Pratt Memorial Library in Fulton. The invention of the computer could have very well ended the library, but it didn’t. The reason it didn’t is because the library community embraced this new technology, knew that it could benefit their patrons, and got them into their libraries.”

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