Sunday, July 3, 2011

Minot North Dakota Public Library Closed At Least Until July 11 Due to Flood

Library employees work to keep building dry. (Minot Daily News, 6/27/2011)

Excerpt:  Jerry Kaup is used to spending his days surrounded by books.

Recently, the director of the Minot Public Library has spent his days surrounded by water.

Since flooding started in Minot last Thursday, the library has had water seeping past the gigantic dike that surrounds the building.

"It's because of the water pressure on the door seeping past the dike," Kaup said. "There's a spot where the dike is built over the concrete. It follows that that and leaks through the door. For the last four days, we've been backing it up and pumping it out of the library with a sump pump."

None of the library's collections have been harmed. Kaup said everything was removed from the basement main floors before the flood. Main floor materials from the children's library on the west end were placed on the top floor and the mezzanine.

But the battle to move water out of the building has been an around the clock affair

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