Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How Technology Reshapes the Reading Habit, Continued

"In So Many Words: How Technology Reshapes the Reading Habit", by Roberta Piirto Heath. American Demographics, May 1997.

Technology turns page in reading: We're adapting to having a library at our fingertips. (Louisville Courier-Journal, 7/4/2011)

Excerpt:   Ordinarily, Loehr would have had to make do with jotting down some notes or trying to remember his inspiration. But since he had his iPad with him, he bought a few books on the subject and downloaded them as soon as he got to the dealership. He started his research for the play right there, while his car was being serviced.

“I can have all that research on a single tablet instead of carrying around 40 books,” Loehr said.

Welcome to the future of books, where your entire library is as portable as a cellphone

Mentioned in this article.

E-reader ownership doubles in 6 months.

Excerpt:  Now Goodreads has 5.2 million members who have cataloged more than 160 million books.

But Chandler demurred when asked if Goodreads changed the way we read. “I don't think Goodreads is about changing the actual experience of reading,” he said. “I think that what's changed is how people discover books and share books.

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