Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grafton and Cedarburg might want to get an DPI opinion on this library board consolidation idea

Village, city to explore shared services. (Ozaukee Press, 6/29/2011)

Excerpt:   Consolidate the Grafton and Cedarburg library boards to promote joint planning and operations.

Although each community would continue to own and operate its own library, oversight by one board could “maximize their limited resources for the betterment of the two communities,” the report states.

The consolidation is not expected to save either municipality money next year but could result in more cost-effective library operations, officials said.

As summarized below, the Wisconsin State Statutes provide for 4 types of public library governance:  See 43.52. 43.53, 43.54, 43.57.
Perhaps a better approach would be to form an exploratory committee representing, at a minimum, members from the Cedarburg and Grafton library boards to study the feasibility of a joint library.  Paging Mequon-Thiensville.
The two communities are adjacent..

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