Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Forthcoming Book: The Mindset Lists of American History

Excerpt: The annual Mindset List has been a smash hit, garnering attention far beyond the Beloit community. It has been featured in national newspapers and broadcasts.

Now Nief and McBride have delivered their first Mindset book. It’s called “The Mindset Lists of American History,” published by the East Coast house of John Wiley & Sons, scheduled for national release on July 11.

The idea is to apply the Mindset concept through the generations of American history, demonstrating that the modern era clearly did not invent the generation gap.

Consider, from 18-year-olds the authors call the Class of 1898: “They’ve always been eating steak butchered in Chicago from Texas ‘dogies’; Cornelius Vanderbilt alone has always hired more people for his agricultural experiments than does the entire United States Department of Agriculture; women have always ridden bicycles; children and factories have always needed each other.”

And from 18-year-olds of the Class of 1957: “Thousands of them can barely remember their late fathers; ‘water closets’ have always been called bathrooms; as they’ve become teenagers, two southern Kings — in civil rights and rock’n’roll — have been stirring up trouble.”

The lists open a window to history and people that suggest two concurrent ideas, McBride said during an interview with the authors by the Beloit Daily News.

“Change is rapid,” he said, “And the more things change the more they stay the same.

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