Saturday, June 11, 2011

Teachers "Give Back" to Waupaca Library

Teachers, district present gift to library. (Waupaca County Post, 6/8/2011)

Excerpt:   The children's department at the Waupaca Area Public Library will soon have a new piece of equipment.

Thanks to a $1,347 donation, the department is purchasing an Elmo Visual Presenter.

Children's librarian Sue Abrahamson hopes to have it by the end of summer.

"It works like an overhead projector. You put a book or a picture you want projected on the wall. It captures that. It's very portable," she said.

The monetary donation came from the Waupaca School District and from staff members at Waupaca Learning Center (WLC).

Each year, the district gives plaques to the teachers who are retiring.

This year, many of the teachers retiring from WLC felt they did not need a plaque. Instead, they wanted the money that would have been spent on plaques to be donated to the community's public library, specifically for the children's department.

"I guess I thought about the library because I wanted to give back," said Joan Taylor

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