Monday, June 13, 2011

Internet2 President on WiscNet Proposal: Would reduce the University to a third-world player in the global race for research leadership

Internet2 President Says Wisconsin Legislation is an Unnecessary Disaster. (Community Broadband News, 6/13/2011)

A couple of excerpts.  (But you'll want to read the entire piece, of course.)

The University of Wisconsin has long been recognized as one of the critical contributors responsible for the creation of the Internet. It was the University's faculty leaders who championed the idea of interlinked networks over distance and who prototyped those ideas in real-world settings that evolved into the Internet. Even as telephone providers steadfastly argued that the concept of the Internet would fail, faculty leaders at the University of Wisconsin built the large-scale innovation prototypes that led to the development of the global Internet

Yet, just when other states in the country are scrambling to invest in network infrastructure to help their universities rise to meet the international research and education challenge, this legislation could essentially disconnect Wisconsin from the global research it now leads. The result would be devastating. As the only intensive research institution in the United States that would be barred from participating in its own networks, Wiscnet and Internet2, the University, with respect to the ability to participate in global research, would become an immediate equivalent of a third-world University [Emphasis added.]

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