Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tornado Damages Georgia's Dade County Public Library

Storm damage threatens area’s history. (Chattanooga Times Press Press, 5/1/2011)

Excerpt:  The Dade historical collection is the only one in Georgia to suffer extensive damage. Though Eubanks hopes documents will be salvaged, she said she has more immediate concerns.

Nearby residents without power or computers rely on the library for Internet access, she said. Without the public computers, many will be unable to file insurance claims or let family and friends know they’re safe.

“There are services that are essential to people right now in the duress that they’re in,” she said. “People are really missing our services right about now, when they really need to get in touch with loved ones, and that’s only going to increase for them.”

Georgia State Librarian Lamar Veatch already is working with federal officials to get help opening a new location for the Dade library branch. Ideally, he said, it will open a new temporary facility by next week

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