Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Teen Organization Partners with San Jose Public Library Foundation

Opinion: Young readers can help sustain the power of libraries. (San Jose Mercury News, 4/17/2011)

Excerpt:  The library is the one free community resource that provides a platform for diverse ideas in a nonjudgmental way. It is a significant symbol of our civilization: This is why we need to mourn the destruction of the ancient Library of Alexandria, the recent demolition of the Sarajevo National Library and the obliteration of the Library of Baghdad. We should rejoice that during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, some librarians risked their lives to save rare books by burying them.

American libraries have not faced such extreme challenges. However, almost every time we face an economic challenge, libraries lose money first. I founded GROW (Give, Raise, Organize, Work), a teen-run nonprofit organization, to respond to this need

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