Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Erie County Exec Builds a Surplus by Pulling the Rug from Under the Library

Editorial: A political budget surplus. Collins made some wrong choices in his election-year spending cuts. (Buffalo News, 4/27/2011)

Excerpt:  Where governing and politics collide is in the way Collins produced some of this surplus.

He has endangered the health of the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library System.

Because of Collins’ choices, the library is considering establishing its own taxing district. Before it can do that, it has to safely overcome a funding chasm of $7 million next year. At this point, no one seems to know how—or if—that can be done.

We don’t think a taxing district is a good idea and, indeed, are surprised that Collins, a conservative, would be pushing for a new tax. Wouldn’t it have been better—again, it’s about choices— to give the library time to deal with reduced funding before pulling the rug from underneath it? Maybe that would have been bad politics, but it would have been better government. Which is more important?

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