Saturday, March 5, 2011

Walker Socks It To Madison

Close  enough.

Madison faces $11 million cut in state aid and a budget hole. (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/4/2011)

Excerpt: The city of Madison would take a cut of about $11 million in state aid next year, a more severe loss than nearly any other city under Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget, according to city estimates released Friday.


For 2011, the city received $54.9 million in state aid. Of the $11 million cut expected in 2012, Madison would lose about $1 million in payments for municipal services like fire and police, $1 million in state highway money, $1 million for recycling and $1.8 million for Madison Metro, according to city of Madison estimates
It would also lose $6.2 million in shared revenue, a larger percentage cut than almost any other city in the state because the proposed formula treats cities with higher populations and property values more severely

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