Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Connecticut Department of Corrections Review of Policies for Library Collections

Conn. prison agency reviewing policy on library books. (Boston Globe, 3/22/2011)

Excerpt: The commissioner of the Department of Correction told lawmakers yesterday that his agency has begun reviewing the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ policies for library collections and is expected to have new rules for Connecticut’s prison libraries around July 1.

Leo Arnone appeared before the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee, which is considering a bill that would require such a review. Senator John Kissel, a Republican from Enfield who proposed the legislation, is particularly concerned about graphic, violent books one of the defendants in a 2007 fatal home invasion may have read while in prison.

Arnone said new committees, to be created in individual prisons, will ultimately come up with policies for approving books in their respective library collections. He expects those policies will be ready around July 1. The Federal Bureau of Prisons also has local committees handle library collection policies at each federal institution with a library, he said.

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