Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wisconsin's Common Agenda for the Sustainability of Library Services

Wisconsin State Statutes
Chapter 43:  Libraries

43.001 Legislative findings and declaration of policy.
The legislature recognizes:
(a) The importance of free access to knowledge, information and diversity of ideas by all residents of this state;
Wisconsin Public Library Systems:
Partners in Cooperation

(b) The critical role played by public, school, special and academic libraries in providing that access;

Partners in Cooperation

(c) The major educational, cultural and economic asset that is represented in the collective knowledge and information resources of the state’s libraries;

(d) The importance of public libraries to the democratic process.

Partners for the Future:  Public Library and Local Governments

(e) That the most effective use of library resources in this state can occur only through interlibrary cooperation among all types of libraries and the effective use of technology.

(2) The legislature declares that it is the policy of this state to provide laws for the development and improvement of public libraries, school libraries and interlibrary cooperation among all types of libraries.

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