Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sarah Palin: "Let's take back the 20, together!"

So, Sarah, if you can't vote 'em out of office, what other measures do you support?  Maybe it wasn't such a great idea to use a gun sight icon to map each district.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for saving a screenshot of that website. It is currently inaccessible.

Anonymous said...

From the squabbling I've heard I thought Palin put gun sights on each district that she was "targeting". Sorry to tell you fools, those aren't gun sights. They are not telescope sights. They are merely circles with crosses through them.

Also, when Obama says, "you bring a knife to a fight and I'll bring a gun" does any lefty find that objectionable or is it just more liberal hypocrisy?

Paul Everett Nelson said...

OK, who's the idiot, er....idiom, here.