Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hats in the Ring: Wisconsin's 94th Assembly District

Business owner enters 94th race. (La Crosse Tribune, 1/19/2011)

Excerpt: Hetland, 54, is a Subway restaurant owner and operator who vowed to keep one foot in private enterprise and one in public service if elected this spring. He announced his candidacy Tuesday afternoon at the public library in West Salem.

Gov. Scott Walker has yet to call a special election in the suburban La Crosse district, but a primary is expected to coincide with the spring election April 5. The general election likely would follow in May.

Democrat Steve Doyle and Republican Lynnetta Kopp already have announced their plans. And La Crosse County Board Supervisor Ray Ebert and failed 2008 and 2010 Democratic candidate Cheryl Hancock both have registered with the state’s Government Accountability Board

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As of today, Cheryl Hancock is still weighing her options.

Mike Huebsch, the former office-holder, was appointed by Governor Walker to serve as Department of Administration Secretary.

Not mentioned in the article:   Jake Speed.

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