Saturday, December 18, 2010

Racine Public Library Developing Archival Collection of Golden Books

and a 1950 cross-promotion with Johnson & Johnson

Link to December 11 Racine Journal-Times article, "Racine Public Library wants your Golden Books".

Excerpt: The Racine Public Library needs help building an archival collection of Golden Books, the children's books with the iconic gold binding that were printed in Racine for the majority of the 20th century.

The library is asking for donations of Golden Books published in Racine to add on to a recently started collection of the books.

"Over the past year we got (Golden Books) donations without seeking them. Now we're actually asking for help," said Darcy Mohr, head of adult and youth services at the library, 75 Seventh St.
Mohr said the library has about 300 Golden Book titles but needs many more for a complete collection because about 1,000 Golden Book titles were published in Racine.

Golden Books were printed in Racine from about the 1920s until the turn of this century by the Western Publishing Co., owned by Edward Wadewitz. Western Publishing faced bankruptcy in the early 2000s and joined Random House in New York City, Mohr said

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