Friday, December 10, 2010

The New York Times Picks the Year's Best Cookbooks

Link to December 7 New York Times article, "The Year's Best Cookbooks".

Excerpt: This year’s best cookbooks did not explore the twisted minds of culinary geniuses, reveal obscure hill towns of Tuscany or take us back in time. (Although readers with some appetite left for Mark Twain will enjoy Andrew Beahrs’s deep dive into 19th-century American food, “Twain’s Feast,” Penguin Press, $25.95).

Instead, they brought brilliant recipes and ideas for right now: at this time of year, even enthusiasts may grow weary of the kitchen.

Books mentioned in the article.

LINKcat: 1 copy, 7 holds.

LINKcat:  3 copies, 23 holds.
Link to excerpts.

LINKcat:  18 copies 94 holds.
NPR, 11/1/2010

LINKcat:  20 copies, 10 holds.
The Green Kitchen

LINKcat:  0 copies.
Serious Eats

LINKcat:  8 copies, 15 holds.
Weight Watchers

LINKcat:  2 copies, 5 holds.
The Eater

LINKcat:  6 copies, 30 holds.

LINKcat:  3 copies, 31 holds.
Gluten-free girl and the chef

LINKcat:  3 copies, 16 holds.
Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant

LINKcat:  3 copies, 33 holds.
Flour Bakery + Cafe

LINKcat:  4 copies, 25 holds.
Sarabeth's Kitchen

LINKcat:  5 copies, 24 holds.
Tartine Bakery & Cafe

LINKcat:  6 copies, 51 holds.

LINKcat:  6 copies, 35 holds.
Baking Bites

LINKcat:  3 copies, 3 holds.

LINKcat:  0 copies.
Food & Wine

LINKcat:  0 copies.
Edible Manhattan

LINKcat:  1 copy, 8 holds.
Happy Baker Chick

LINKcat:  0 copies.
Have her over for dinner.

LINKcat:  2 copies, 5 holds.

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Gerard Saylor said...

Do they pick the year's best cookbooks like they do the year's "best" novels by picking titles no one actually reads?