Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meet RockMelt, the New Web Browser on the Block

Link to December 9 San Jose Mercury News article, "Tech review: Facebook fans will 'like' RockMelt browser".

Excerpt: There's a lot to keep track of online.

You probably have a Facebook account and an e-mail address or two. You might use Twitter or another service to share where you are or what you're reading, thinking or doing. You follow the news and do some old-fashioned Web browsing.

I do all of the above (and more), so I'm always looking for ways to wrangle my tangle of online accounts.

That's what I was hoping for when I tried RockMelt, a new Web browser backed by Marc Andreessen, who was behind the Web's first commercial browser, Netscape. RockMelt aims to bring together social networking, news feeds and Web browsing.

Does it do the job? Mostly if you rely on Facebook for social networking

I've been using RockMelt for 2 weeks.  Since I spend most of my social media time with Facebook and Twitter, this browser works well for my needs.  And so far it appears to be more stable than Google Chrome.

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