Monday, November 22, 2010

'Notes to Myself': Perhaps We Should Have Taken the Author at his Word

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #10,976 in Books
#91 on list of top inspirational books

Link to November 22 New York Times obituary, "Hugh Prather, Popular Self-Help Author, Dies at 72".

Excerpt:   Before long the book had become a phenomenon — a “Chicken Soup for the ’70s Soul” — and The New York Times was calling Mr. Prather “an American Khalil Gibran.” Now published by Bantam Dell, “Notes to Myself” remains in print.

Among its observations are these:

¶“Another day to listen and love and walk and glory. I am here for another day. I think of those who aren’t.”

¶“My prayer is: I will be what I will be, I will do what I will do.”

¶“When I get to where I can enjoy just lying on the rug picking up lint balls, I will no longer be too ambitious.”

I have to admit that I missed the Prather bandwagon.  (Lucky me.)

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