Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hen House Tour in Belmont Massachusetts Supports New Library

What a 'funky' idea.
LINK to library website

Link to October 28 Boston Globe article, "Chicken coop tour?. Trek offers a peep into the world of backyard poultry farming".

Excerpt: As freshly laid eggs grow increasingly popular among suburbanites, a fund-raiser in Belmont this Saturday for a new town library provides a chance to see how eight homeowners have incorporated henhouses into their backyard decor.

Belmont has 18 licensed coops around town, said John Maguranis, Belmont’s animal control officer and chicken coop inspector.

“It’s a craze,’’ said Nancy Murphy, the owner of five chickens whose coop is a stop on the tour. “Seems like people who don’t have cats or dogs have chickens.’’

Linda Atkinson, a member of the Belmont Library Foundation and the organizer of the henhouse tour, got her chickens about 3 1/2 years ago. She was inspired to create the tour, during which owners will stand by to answer questions, by all the curiosity about her own chickens

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Branch library to reopen with use of volunteers, private funds.  (10/7/2010)

Can't vouch for the directions.

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