Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whodathunkit? Dallas City Council Votes to Increase Taxes

Link to September 14 Dallas News article, "In 8-7 vote, council approves budget amendment to raise tax rate".

Excerpt: After hours of sometimes rancorous debate, a closely divided City Council agreed today to adopt an amendment that will raise the city's tax rate by 6.5 percent.

The final budget and tax rate will not be adopted until Sept. 22, but today's straw vote largely ensures that the city property tax rate of 74.79 cents per $100 in property value will increase to 79.7 in October.

The debate opened with dozens of speakers addressing the council. Just as the council was divided closely, the speakers today seemed about evenly divided for and against the rate increase.

Council members have taken a personal stake in the fight and, at times, the discussion turned ugly

Most recent comment when I read this article:

Apparently those opposed to any increase in taxes are completely ok with gutting library staff. That is not acceptable.

I could have supported a no increase City budget with some library staff reductions but to eliminate one third of a branch library staff demonstrates a lack of leadership and poor decision-making by both some members of Council and the City Manager.

I am retired and living on my pension. I will gladly pay $5 a month in order that Dallas' citizens have a decent library system

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