Saturday, September 18, 2010

Waterloo and Marshall area residents: 'Do you have your card?'

Link to September 9 Waterloo & Marshall (Wisconsin) Courier eNews editorial, "Do you have your card?"

Excerpt: Most adults carry a variety of cards with them – credit cards, a debit card, business cards, coffee punch cards and a driver’s license. There is one card available to adults (and children) that costs very little to keep in their possession yet allows them the ability to access numerous materials. The American Library Association (ALA) reports 68 percent of adults have library cards, the one card we would like to see 100 percent of American adults and children to have in their possession. For a very low cost, people can have access to thousands of printed materials including books and periodicals, and other media such as DVDs, CDs and eBooks. September is Library Card Sign-up Month and we are encouraging those without cards to stop by the local library and apply for one.

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