Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jimmy Page's Photographic Autobiography: Not Available on your Ebook Reader

I imagine there are 2,500 Jimmy Page fans worldwide willing to pay $2,500 for this book.

Link to September 8 New York Times article, "Few Words and a Whole Lotta Pictures".

Excerpt: Mr. Page, now 66, was never much of a talker, and when he gave interviews he mostly preferred talking about his music instead of about himself. He’s still that way. On Sept. 27 Genesis Publications, a British company that specializes in lushly designed rock photo books, will publish “Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page,” a 500-page collection of images that Mr. Page selected to represent his career.

Instead of a straight autobiography, it’s a career record in pictures, and while there are some candid shots at diners and customs checkpoints on the road, for the most part the book portrays Mr. Page in six-string-Adonis glory onstage. Catherine Roylance, a co-publisher, said Mr. Page immersed himself in the book’s design, down to the blue-black hue of the cover. The book, printed and hand-bound in Milan, is limited to 2,500 copies and available only through Genesis (, for £445 (about $685)

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