Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hoboken Public Library's Inaugural 'Senior Day'

Link to September 20 Jersey Journal article, "Seniors get connected with the Hoboken Public Library".

Excerpt: This month, more surprised grandchildren could be getting "friend requested" by their grandparents on Facebook. That is, if their grandparents are from Hoboken.

The Hoboken Public Library is launching a new computer program just for senior citizens at the library.

Matt Lathum, who has already been teaching courses at Fox Hill Gardens senior citizen facility on the third Wednesday of each month, will teach the first course on mouse and keyboard use at the library tomorrow at 2 p.m.

"It's less of a clearing house for books and more of a community center now," said Lathum of the library. "It's a way to get a group that was under-served in town and has a lot of information needs."

The new program kicked off today as part of the library's inaugural "Senior Day" where over 50 senior citizens were treated to a lunch catered by Laura's Deli, live music, a tour of the library and a presentation of the online catalog in preparation for tomorrow's first class

Hoboken age distribution bar graph

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