Friday, September 10, 2010

'A Grouse Hunter's Almanac' from UW Press

Link to September 10 Wausau Daily Herald article, "University of Wisconsin Marathon County lecture writes 'A Grouse Hunter's Almanac'."

Excerpt: The book is no shoot-'em-up or how-to. Parman provides an introspective look into the sport of grouse hunting and all the nuances within the sport. He writes about his love for hunting dogs, of being outside and of the quirky things that happens when one ventures out into the woods in a quest for game.

"It's about using dogs, respecting the quarry and really having a hunting ethic," Parman said.

Dogs are a recurring theme throughout the book, and in some ways it's more of a tribute to his late hunting dogs, Ox, an English setter, and Gunnar, a Weimaraner.

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