Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Countdown: Geoffrey James Wants You to Weed These Books

Link to September 7 BNET 'Sales Machine' post, "The 10 Worst Business Books of All Time".

Intro: This post contains my personal list of the worst business books I have ever seen or read. Some are famous, others obscure, but all of them are, IMHO, first class turkeys that would have been better left unpublished.

#10 (10 copies in LINKcat)
I suspect the first paragraph of this obituary
irritates Geoffrey James to no end.

#9 (1 sound recording in LINKcat)

#8 (0 copies in LINKcat
although there is a copy of
The Fifth Generation Fallacy)
Not the same Howard Feigenbaum, apparently.

#7 (available via NetLibrary)
Not one of the books featured here.

#6 (0 copies found in LINKcat -- gratefully)

#5 (0 copies in LINKcat)
Zuccaro is a former 'Booby Prize' winner.

#4 (2 sound recordings in LINKcat)
including a photo of her
on a tricycle.)

#3 (14 copies in LINKcat)

#2 (0 copies in LINKcat)

#1 (4 copies in LINKcat)

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