Monday, August 16, 2010

Rockford Public Library Updates Code of Conduct

Link to August 15 Rockford Register Star article.

Excerpt: Almost every day, Sharon Pendergrass goes to the library downtown, picks out a quiet corner and begins reading a book.

She is rarely bothered while reading her favorite novels. But walking in or out of the Wyman Street building is another story.

“There’s a lot of drinking,” Pendergrass said. “Just yesterday, some old man came up to me and handed me a printout saying he cracked the Bible code and can stop Armageddon. ... There are always people trying to bum cigarettes or money.”

The Rockford Public Library approved a new code of conduct policy last month that bars panhandling and distributing leaflets inside the library. It’s among several rule changes that officials hope will keep staff and patrons safe.

Another new rule: Children younger than 10 may not be left unattended in the library. The previous limit was age 7

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