Sunday, August 29, 2010

Parents of Teens Wear Out Their Welcome on Facebook

Link to August 29 San Jose Mercury News article, "Study: Many teens ready to unfriend parents on Facebook".

Excerpt: Mothers have found an even better way to humiliate their children than showing baby pictures: becoming a friend on Facebook.

Like the cyber version of being picked up in an uncool car, teens are now mortified by nagging chats and clueless comments left by their mothers on their online profiles.

Nearly a third of Facebook teens are ready to unfriend their parents on the social networking site and are twice as likely to want to avoid Mom as Dad, according to a recent AOL study.

"The moms like to overshare about things like menopause that their kids want nothing to do with or know anything about," said Jeanne Leitenberg, 27, who with a friend, Erika Brooks Adickman, 28, launched a site last year called "Oh Crap! My Parents Joined Facebook.

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