Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meet Jo Ann Rodgers, Charlotte Mecklenburg Branch Manager

Link to August 25 Charlotte Observer article, "Library manager makes reading fun".

Excerpt: In addition to her career with the Mecklenburg County library system, Rodgers, now a Huntersville resident, is proud of her two adult daughters, Malia Rodgers and Crystal Westbrook, and her husband of 41 years, Jimmy. Spend five minutes with Rodgers, and it's obvious that family and reading go hand in hand for her.

Rodgers brags about all the hours Jimmy volunteers with the library. He shares his wife's passion for reading and attends community events, including one at Birkdale Village recently where the entire family was present.

Rodgers is recruiting volunteers for the North County Regional Library, which needs greeters, people to help with self-checkout and people with an expertise in computers to teach basic how-to classes

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