Friday, August 27, 2010

May Explosions Keep New Jersey Library Out of Commission

Although it is operating out of a temporary site.

Link to August 26 Newark Star-Ledger article, "Morristown library now safe enough for investigators to enter".

Excerpt: The most serious asbestos contamination has been cleaned up at the damaged Morristown and Morris Township Public Library, and now investigators and construction workers are able to enter the building.

Yesterday, investigators walked through the site to continue their inquiry into the cause of the explosion there earlier this year.

“We’ve been waiting for the abatement to finish so we could get in there, and they notified us,” recently, said Ron Morano, spokesman for Jersey Central Power & Light.

On May 3, a series of underground explosions blew the doors off the library building and buckled portions of the basement floor.

Outside, on South Street, the blasts sent manhole covers into the air. While there was significant damage to the older wing, built in 1917, and asbestos fibers were released into the building, there were no injuries

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