Sunday, August 8, 2010

Forest Products Laboratory Celebrates Its Centennial

Link to August 8 Wisconsin State Journal article, "Forest Products Laboratory in Madison is ready for another 100 years".

Excerpt: The FPL was founded in 1910 and since 1932 has been based in what is now a building that is on the National Register of Historic Places. That facility will now be used primarily for administration while the hands-on research has been centralized and moved across the parking lot into the CRF.

When the Forest Products Laboratory began, scientists worked on ways to better preserve railroad ties. Since that time, it has helped develop, among other things, better wood for aircraft, waterproof plywood, stronger bowling pins and preservatives that can make lumber last longer. More recently, the lab created fiberboard from cow manure, continues to work on composite boards made of wood and plastic, and is studying the uses of fiber-based nanotechnology

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