Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Devil or Angel: What's Your Research Style?

Description accompanying video:  2010 saw the premiere of The University Libraries Video Contest. Put on through the University of Alabama Libraries, each team had to promote library resources and services while encouraging students to create collaborative teams from the student perspective. Teams were given a set of requirements including time limits, required locations and a product free of copyright material.

Nine teams entered and a panel of judges selected four videos as finalists. The finalist's videos were uploaded for public vote. More than 1800 votes later, we had a winner.

Here is the 1st place Finalist.

Team Members-
Josh Sahib, Communication and Information Sciences, Master of Library and Information Studies
Jana Motes, Communication and Information Sciences, Telecommunication and Film
Sydney Prather, New College, Cultural Understanding through Visual and Textual Media.

And here's a song from a simpler era when students cribbed sections from World Book or Encyclopedia Britannica.  (I recall a 5th grade classmate who wrote book reports by copying the summaries from the backs of Scholastic books.  I never understood why Mrs. Johnson didn't see through this ruse.  But maybe she did, and discreetly took care of the matter.)

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