Friday, July 23, 2010

Retiring Guy Goes on a Semi-Hiatus

The boys and I leave tomorrow morning for Warren, Pennsylvania to visit family. My mom, who will be 90 in October, has recently experienced a couple of setbacks in her health -- anemia and glaucoma. Last week she was hospitalized for the first time since 1957, when my brother Dale was born.

"I feel like I become an old lady overnight," she said to me in a phone conversation earlier this week.

My brothers and I, along with Andy and Eddie's help, plan to reorganize and remodel the first floor of the house (the last photo in this series) to accommodate Mom's changing needs.

The following photos were taken in October 2008.

Warren County Courthouse

The Point (at Pennsylvania Avenue East and Second Avenue

Liberty Street (the heart of Warren's business district back in the day).

View of the Allegheny River, looking west, 
from Pennsylvania Avenue West and Hickory Street

A view from the top of Division Street.

Warren Library Association

The Nelson home since 1957.

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