Thursday, July 8, 2010

Montgomery County Public Library Suspends Its Summer Reading Program

Link to July 8 Washington Post article, "Summer reading is latest budget-cutback victim".

Excerpt: Montgomery County Public Library officials are hoping to prove that children's love of reading goes beyond prizes and T-shirts.

Decreased staffing -- a result of county budget cuts -- has forced the library system to suspend participation in the popular statewide summer reading program, said Michele Sellars, the system's public services administrator for community engagement and outreach. The system is decreasing hours at most branches and shuffling many employees to new locations.

As part of a 23 percent reduction in funding for fiscal 2011, the system will lose 78 positions, said county library business manager Eric Carzon. Fiscal 2010 budget cuts forced the system to eliminate 60 positions. The library systems fiscal 2011 budget is $28.9 million, down from previous year's $37.7 million

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Gerard Saylor said...

Hokey Smokes! That is a major cut in services.