Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Denver Public Library embracing e-book, digital audio technology

Link to July 5 Denver Top News Examiner article.

Excerpt: Despite the explosion in new forms of digital media, libraries are now [sic] ready to fade away just yet. But the way they look may soon be a thing of the past.

As the public begins embracing gadgets like the iPad and Kindle, the popularity of e-books, digital audio and downloadable movies has skyrocketed and organizations like the Denver Public Library are determined to not be left behind.

The DPL has been steadily increasing the number of e-books and audio books available to its users and says their collection of electronic media now stands at approximately 7,500 e-books and 12,000 audio books, according to a report by 9News.com. The increase is in direct response to the popularity of such devices as Apple’s iPad and iPod, which can hold either e-books, digital audio books or both, and handheld reading devices like Amazon’s Kindle.

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