Friday, May 28, 2010

Who Speaks for the Hernando County Public Library?

Link to May 28 St. Petersburg Times article, "Staff, transit and library cuts loom as Hernando faces $8.3M budget shortfall".

Excerpt: Libraries also must cut $1 million, but [director of the office of management and budget George] Zoettlein, doesn't anticipate major cuts in services. Officials plan to pay for more operating expenses out of state library grants instead of the general fund. The library budget is roughly $3.3 million, $1.5 million of which is grant money.

"In an effort to keep all our branches open and keep staff in place, we will delay some maintenance projects, some maintenance services,'' said Jean Rags, director of health and human services.

That will also mean the newest best sellers won't be in every branch. New videos or audio materials may not be available. Lines to use computers and check out books will grow longer.

"We're trying to minimize the changes,'' Rags said. "It's important for us to do this to keep our branches open and be able to service our patrons.'

Hernando County Organization Chart
From the organization chart, the answer to the title question appears to be the Leadership Team.  However, according to its website, the 5-member Board of County Commissioners appoints citizens to various boards, committees and authorities which are related to County government activities, one of which includes....

Florida law appears to differ significantly from at least one aspect of Wisconsin library law.

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