Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Walter Vogl, Two Rivers Historian, Dies at 87

Link to Herald-Times-Reporter article.

Excerpt:  "He was one of the key individuals to keep the Washington House going," said Donald Konop, president of the Two Rivers Historical Society, which operates the Washington House Museum & Visitor Center.

The building, at the corner of 16th and Jefferson streets, which previously was a bar, dance hall and rooming house, was vacant and deteriorated and was going to be torn down, according to Konop. Vogl was a driving force in raising money in the early 1990s to preserve the building, he said.

Two Rivers native JoAnna Richard -- Washington High School class of 1981 -- and her Retiring Guy husband.

Jeff Dawson, Two Rivers' Lester Public Library Director, provides a great set of Washington House photos at Flickr.

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