Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flathead Beacon Profiles Karl Gharst, Nazi Film Festival Promoter

Link to May 5 Flathead Beacon article, "Nazi Films Inflame Tensions in Kalispell".

Excerpt: Gharst is a former resident of Hayden, Idaho, and was involved in the neo-Nazi group, Aryan Nations. In 2003 he unsuccessfully ran for city council there with two other Aryan Nations candidates.

In 2004, Gharst was convicted in Flathead County District Court and served five months for threatening a social worker with the Department of Public Health and Human Services. According to the criminal complaint, Gharst called the woman a “wild savage from the Flathead Indian Reservation.” He also told a DPHHS worker he was forming a group in Kalispell to “gather up all the lesbians and mongrels and evil people.”

“All white people are kings and you are still a greasy turd colored mongrel, a corruption, a racial hybrid, something God didn’t create and he is about to take care of business,” Gharst is alleged to have said to the social worker.

As for the demonstrators, Gharst said they would not dissuade him from showing more films and that he planned to screen a movie May 29 titled, “The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz.
”  (Available for viewing at Google videos.  The first 3 1/2 minutes is a narrative crawl, literally and figuratively.  It's at 1:21 where "the consensus ends" and the rewriting of history begins.)

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Unknown said...

The social worker who kidnapped my 11 year old daughter from my home has kidnapped over 50 white chidren from their mother's arms. No evidence was ever presented that I had ever committed a crime. No honest prosecuter would consider charges and no honest Judge would allow a case like this in a courtroom. I was kidnapped by aliens (14th amendment citizens who insist upon living among White People and daily cast their vote for our destruction) because I stand for the life God gave me. It is He who promises us a great victory, not "retiring goy!"