Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dwight Foster Public Library's Period of Adjustment

Link to April 30 Daily Union Online article, "Library staff, patrons adjusting to new site".

Excerpt:   Doors officially opened at the temporary site on Monday, March 29, after a two-week moving process.

"I think people enjoy and appreciate this temporary facility," Meyer remarked. "Most people seem to really like it and have good things to say."

She said library patrons have been commenting on the nice wide aisles and extra space to get around.

"We don't want to have a cramped way to offer things," Meyer said. "We're really happy that we could make everything fit and flow in a way that is very accessible to people."

One thing people have remarked about is the greater number of books available in the collections.

Previously, due to space constraints, a large number of books were stored in the basement area of the library. They remained in circulation but patrons often were reluctant to ask library staff to retrieve them

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