Monday, May 31, 2010

Another iPad Testimonial

Photo source:  Wikipedia

Link to May 30 San Jose Mercury News article, "He vowed he was done with upgrades, then along came the iPad".

Excerpt: The iPad is a less-is-more device that has a real appeal to people of a certain vintage, like me, who are weary from decades of trying to keep up with the flood of new consumer technology. It's convenient, easy to use, really fast, runs for hours and hours, and is the perfect Internet device to have around the home.

A few things set it apart from my laptop: a really long battery life, good sound, and a habit-forming, very responsive multi-touch screen. Also, it doesn't come with a separate keyboard and, at least for now, can't do multi-tasking or run Adobe Flash and Java. And so far, I've been unable to edit in Google Docs.

So I'm not retiring my desktop and laptop yet, but I'm spending a lot less time on them.

Menasha Public Library Tasha Saecker describes her iPad experience at Sites & Soundbytes.

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