Monday, April 12, 2010

Wisconsin Dells Library Expansion Project Includes Parking Lot

Link to April 9 Wisconsin Dells Events article, "Library board approves parking lot for addition".

Excerpt:   Board Secretary Debbie Kinder lobbied against the parking lot because she enjoys the amount of green space the library has. "I like to look out the window and see green space," she said.

She argued that there isn't a lot of green space in the city for children to gather and play pick-up games, like a group of children were doing prior to the board's meeting.
Board member Kathleen Helland agreed, saying she'd like to see children outside rather than a parking lot.

Library Director Cathy Borck said when the library did a survey, a lot of people wanted closer parking to the library. "I think it's vital to the design," she said, adding it would also encourage more people to use that entrance. "I think people who use the library want a parking lot for the library.”

Board member Gisela Hamm said she felt from the beginning the parking lot was a part of the design. “Even with the parking lot, there would still be plenty of green space,” she said. “It makes sense to me, if we do it, to finish it off with a parking lot.”

Board member Bill Pettit said, “I think entrance to the building should be through this plaza, and the only way to do it is with this parking lot

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