Thursday, April 8, 2010

Point/Counterpoint: Wisconsin Election Law

Link to April 8 Capital Times article, "League of Women Voters’ Andrea Kaminski: The truth about Wisconsin election reform".  (SB-640)

Excerpt:    It’s remarkable how easily information can be distorted in the information age. Before you believe something you hear or read, it’s worth it to check the facts.

A case in point is Sen. Glenn Grothman’s response to a new election reform bill before the Legislature. The bill promises to modernize our state voter registration system, bring Wisconsin into compliance with federal law in serving military and overseas voters, prohibit voter intimidation, and improve the absentee voting process.

To set the record straight, here is the truth about a few of the senator’s objections to the bill:

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Proposed bill amends Wisconsin's election laws.  (4/2/2010)

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