Sunday, April 4, 2010

On Journalism Standards and the iPad

Link to April 4 Los Angeles Times op-ed column, "High-tech media, old-style issues", by Victor Navasky and Evan Lerner.  (Thanks to Joe DePlasco for the heads-up!)

Excerpt:   If the magazine industry's iPad experiment is to be successful, it will need to integrate the trustworthiness of the old with the creative potential of the new.

Whatever the future of print, the main future of the media will be digital. Anyone who cares about the future of our democratic society, let alone the future of print in general and magazines and/or iPads in particular, should take up the challenge of debating and discussing -- and, we would add, codifying -- the values, standards and practices that ought to prevail online.

Victor Navasky is the chairman of the Columbia Journalism Review and a professor of magazine journalism at Columbia University. Evan Lerner is the editor of

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