Saturday, April 3, 2010

North Las Vegas votes to eliminate 204 city jobs

Link to April 1 Las Vegas Sun article.

Excerpt:    The North Las Vegas City Council approved a budget-reduction plan Thursday night that will eliminate 204 municipal jobs.

Acting City Manager Maryann Ustick presented the proposal, which trimmed the number of jobs to be eliminated from 273 recommended in February.

The plan, aimed at helping close a $58.3 million shortfall in next year's budget, is expected to save $24.9 million.

The layoffs will impact the hours libraries and recreation centers are open and maintenance of city roads, parks and other facilities, Ustick said. The North Las Vegas Municipal Court will terminate night court sessions, she said.

The North Las Vegas Fire Department will eliminate 16 firefighter positions, saving about $2.8 million.

No police officers will be laid off, but the city will put off replacing police cars for two years and will put a hiring freeze on certain positions, Ustick said

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