Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hartford Wisconsin Mayoral Candidates Divided on Library Project

Link to March 13 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article, "Library project is key topic in Hartford mayor's race".

In this corner, we have Tim Michalak, a member of the Hartford Common Council, wants a referendum.  He's a list guy:  want list, wish list, need list.  He thinks the 35,000-square-foot, $10 million project sh
ould be privately funded.   He made a $1,000 contribution to the building fund.  Michalak has been endorsed by the Hartford Area Taxpayers Association (HATA).

And in this corner, we have Joe Dautermann, a former alderperson.  He supports the council's plan to move forward with plans to borrow $4,000,000 for the library project.  "The project is overdue," he says.  (Have no idea if the pun was intended.)  Current mayor Scott Henke and 3 former mayors have endorsed Dautermann.

Election day is April 6.

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Anonymous said...

It just so happens that I am the "Joe Dautermann" that is supporting the construction of the Library project. The Jack Russell Memorial Library will be a testimonial of the "forward thinking spirit" of the City of Hartford and surrounding area long after all of us are gone.
The Library is not about me or my campaign for Mayor of Hartford. This is for the people of our community and will serve as a place where the "most advantaged" and, "least advantaged" members of our community can go.
It is an investment that will serve "all". People from all walks of life can use the resources provided by a community library.
The City of Hartford did not get where it is today by a short-sighted approach to growth and improvements. The quality of life in Hartford is the envy of many communities far larger than we are.
"We must respect" how we got here when we are planning for the future.