Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Afternoon break: It all started at the library

Link to March 3 article, "Wink, wink, nudge, nudge".

Excerpt: Wink is a roving supper with no physical address. There is no website, only its creator, whom we’ll call “chef X,’’ an anonymous e-mail, and an ever-shifting array of cobbled-together place settings in an ever-shifting array of homes around Boston. X has clandestinely descended upon these kitchens some 60 times over the past three years.

“Restaurants are great - it’s loud, they give you a menu, and then they bring you whatever you want. And dinner parties are great, but then you have one person paying this huge sum of money. I guess this is my way of creating something sort of in between,’’ says X. “My favorite conversation is hearing everyone sit around and say, ‘So how do you know about this place?’ ’’

I first meet chef X in a local library and he slips me a brown business card with nothing but his name typewritten on the front (that is, written with a typewriter), and the words “wink supper’’ [paging Merriam-Webster] scrawled on the back in longhand. I flip it over a couple of times. “And how do I get in touch with you?’’ I say. “You don’t,’’ he says, sliding a white pad of paper and a pen across the table. “I’ll e-mail you.’’ [Emphases added.]


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