Friday, February 5, 2010

Marquette County Property Owners Get Unintended Break in 2010 Tax Levy

Link to February 4 Portage Daily Register report, "$500,000 oversight? Marquette County property owners pay less in taxes after mistake in clerk’s office".

Excerpt: The shortfall occurred when the levy calculated by [County Clerk Donna] Seddon for billing residents did not include tax for funding county goods and services that are not subject to the state levy cap, such as emergency medical services and the libraries, said Brent Miller, administrative coordinator and finance director for the county.

Because property tax bills have been mailed to all taxpayers, Miller said it is not possible to modify the 2010 levy. However, it might mean taxpayers will pay for it in 2011.

"The consequence of this shortfall could result in an increase of over $1 million in the levy for 2011," he said. "It will take a protracted amount of time for
Marquette County to recover from this error."

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