Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Close the Libraries? John Gage Gets the Joke

Link to February 22 Ukiah Daily Journal column by Tommy Wayne Kramer, who apparently makes a living from pushing people's buttons.

Do you think TWK might be tipping his satirical hand with this closing acknowledgment?

Tommy Wayne Kramer and Tom Hine would like to extend heartfelt thanks to Barbara (Village Book Store) Ann (Mendocino Book Company) and Dave (Mulligan Books) for their generous financial contributions to the research and development of this column.

Local references linked. The library schedule is strictly for the benefit of the people who work there and those who use it as a daycare option between stops at Plowshares and Ford Street.

And here's what "Uniquely Ukiah" has to say about the community.

Set within the green and golden depths of California’s Mendocino County, and just two hours north of San Francisco, the City of Ukiah is one of the most unique communities in America.

Ukiah is where rolling vineyards, pear orchards, and giant redwoods converge—where ranching and timber families live alongside ex-hippies, internationally renowned musicians, artists and winemakers.

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Gerard Saylor said...

where ranching and timber families live alongside ex-hippies That also explains his swipe at ex-hippies who love free stuff.